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Re: wizard: western auto stores model no. wb2 serial no. 2327

Sell or Hold?? Depends on you. Having one often leads to acquiring others. Sale will get about the price of topping up your gas tank depending upon condition/completeness and how dry your tank is. Your call not ours.

Re: wizard: western auto stores model no. wb2 serial no. 2327

Western Auto sourced outboard motors sold under the Wizard Brand from Kiekhaefer
from 1940 to 1956-57. They were generally similar to Kiekhaefer's Mercury brand
outboards. Your WB2 is equivalent to Mercury KB1 Model. Prior use, care and
storage have a lot to do with how easily an old outboard can be restored.
It is a good idea to take pictures before you start to document project and at each stage as you go along. Feel free to ask questions here as you may depend
upon several variations in approach in different responses...perhaps helpful
Information and parts are "out there" but likely not at your local Western Auto
Associate's Store or even your local Mercury Dealer. Old outboards are mostly
a hobby thing.