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Re: WD-4S picture

Sorry I never answered this old post until now.
To list pictures, They have to exist on the web. I upload my pictures to photobucket or some other picture hosting site. I then link them by using BB code with the URL of the picture in the code.

To do a picture I type or copy and paste the web address of the picture I want to use. /DSC08008_zpse9866732.jpg

The letters img with with [ ] around it goes before it.

The letters /img with [ ] around it goes after it.

So we get img /img

to make it work I have to put [ ] around the beginning and end of the "img" and "/img"

the results are this

The rub is, once you upload pictures to a hosting site you should never take them down or delete them or the post that you used them on will be useless to someone searching for info later on.
Hope this helps.
there are other commands besides " img " for pictures. You can use " url " to have a hot link to a post where you can click on the link and it takes you there.
Look up up BB code or bulletin board code to learn other neat tricks.