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Wizard Powermatic 12

I purc. a Wizard Powermatic 12, for 250. I was told it was a complete motor.
I picked it up and the top was off with no rewind spring in it. The flywheel was lose no nut on it. When the flywheel was pulled off someone had taken the coils off metal plates and all, a big problem to replace, not the coils the metal plates. The plugs were on the wires, but not in the plug hole, the motor was locked up. I thank the rings are stuck.
I feel I got burned, so my advice is don`t believe everything you read. When the add say a complete motor, that is what I expected and not locked up with parts missing. I am a man of my word so I paid the 250., they were not.
Thanks, Ray

Re: Wizard Powermatic 12

Sellers can be very nice people who say things you want to hear...until the
money passes into their hands...they all you will hear is "all sales are
final." My brother was a buyer of old machinery and he observed that according
to seller...tractors "ran last Fall when it was parked",trucks "engine had a major overhaul just a few thousand miles ago", cars "engine doesn't burn
a drop of oil". President Ronald Reagan said it best "Trust but Verify"
Incomplete or non running outboards unless a rare antique or race motor are worth only a fraction of a complete ready to run example. Everyone has been hurts.