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Re: Wizard/Western auto Model OC1575 powermatic

Not sure of maker, possibly an Oliver which made a few motors for Western
Auto between the Kiekhaefer and Scott era. Kiekhaefer (Mercury) supplied
Western Auto with Wizard brand outboards 1940 to 1956-57. Oliver (formerly
Chris Craft) made a few Wizards before Scott(McCulloch)became their supplier.
Take a look at magneto plate to see if brand and model of magneto is stamped
or impressed. Even if original coils are not available it may be possible
to adapt OMC coils. Points can usually be cleaned up and polished to function
well...condensers may usually be replaced with something that fits the space
available and has a lead long enough. Original Parts may yet be available.
First a little detective work to find out "who done it?"
Usually outboard makers purchased ignition systems from vendors. Similar or
slightly altered magnetos might be found on several other brands of outboard
motors so the key to parts is usually the make and model of the magneto.
Good Luck

Re: Wizard/Western auto Model OC1575 powermatic

Thanks Louis I'll look at the plate for a nane. Since I have miss placed the coils years ago.