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Re: wizard super 5 owners manual - WH6 S/N; 845570

Hi Brian: Were you successful in getting him to scan and upload the owners manual for the super 5 to this site. I need a copy of it. My WH6 needs some loving care, took the flywheel off yesterday and the ignition coil is toast. Would like do a complete tune-up and replace the water pump impeller while Iam at it. Where can I find parts for this?? ..... .....

Re: wizard super 5 not cooling

Wizards pump the water into the exhaust, You'll never know if it's pumping unless it's cooling. The little copper pipe threaded into the handle is some sorta case vent, not a water outlet. I often wonder if the exhaust back pressure can magnify the problems with a weak pump.

Re: wizard super 5 not cooling

Early Kiekhaefer singles discharge water externally
via a tube from top rear of water jacket while the twins discharge water internally via a tube from top of upper water jacket to the exhaust manifold. (An exception being the KF3 single which discharges via
a tube from top of water jacket thru plate covering exhaust leg.) (Later powerheads route water via internal plumbing.)
Cooling the exhaust manifold and the exhaust housing
seems to more critical with the twins even though the water pump impeller is driven at a higher rpm due to
different gearing on twins.
Note that outboard motors were not equipped with thermostats until 1960's so powerhead operating temperature varied depending on temperature of water
which might vary greatly by season or region. Slow
warm up and uncertain operating temperatures made for poor fuel economy, problems selecting a park plug heat range and variable engine performance.
At the cost of adding a system that required service
and replacement, theromostat regulated water flow made for engines that ran better and longer, used less fuel and simplified spark plug selection.

Re: wizard super 5 owners manual - WH6 S/N; 845570

Look at top of flywheel for magneto model. I believe it will be a Repco/Phelon
(Repco is a later name R E Phelon Company). Once you have Make and Model
there are sites to identify specific parts including coil, points and
condensers...the usual replacement items. Most outboard makers sourced carburetors and magnetos from vendors.
Once you know the Make and Model post here for further comment.
Since your motor was made by Kiekhaefer (Mercury) it may be very similar
to equivalent Mercury model.but NOT always same parts. So research before
reaching for wallet to buy anything that "should work" because it may or may not