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carburator on WH6 wizard super 5

First, I would like to thank Mr. Brian and Mr. Louis for all of the help and suggestions. Secondly, does anyone have a good recommendation for setting the idle and "high speed" settings on my tillotson carb for my super 5? I got it running this morning, so it has the necessities needed to start and run, however, it starts up and throttles up, but only runs at extreme speed for about 10 seconds, then dies. I think it may be the carb settings that are preventing the motor from idling at low speed.

Re: carburator on WH6 wizard super 5

Try 1 to 1 1/2 turns out from lightly closed on each
and adjust from there if engine runs. Discussed at
length in a prior question.

It is possible fuel is not reaching carburetor
or that fuel is not flowing thru carburetor's
several passages. Did you clean system out and
install a clean filter? A little speck of dirt
in wrong place can and will cause problem.
Fuel mixture in a pump oil can as a means to
squirt fuel into carburetor throat will show
if problem is due to fuel starvation or not.

If fuel arrives at carburetor in steady stream
and engine will continue to run if fuel is pumped into carburetor throat...problem lies with carburetor.

If all else fails obtain another carburetor of
same model from an on line parts vendor or webvertize
ad...should be lots of them around.