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Pull Start Cogwheel

I have a mid-60's 9HP wizard....not sure exact year. The pull start cogwheel has cracked and the recoil spring is also detached, not sure the problem as I haven't taken it apart yet. Does anyone know where I can get a 13 tooth cogwheel and recoil spring?


Re: Pull Start Cogwheel

Probably a McCulloch as they made a 9
If not Chrysler made a 9.2 hp
Both firms made Wizards about that time.
Best to look at id plate for serial number and model
number. There are several on line guys who part out old outboards...they likely know all the brands and models sharing the required parts,
Both McCulloch and Chryser made outboard motors under their own brand as well as a number of store brands. It is likely that not much was changed besides decals, trim and paint so rest of motor may swap in. Given that the parts you seek are wear items for which replacements might be stocked there is also the possibility of New Old Stock parts being around somewhere.

Re: Pull Start Cogwheel

from looking at a general service manual. Chrysler 9.2 hp. had the recoil starter assembly off to the right side when looking out the back of the boat. McCulloch 9hp. had the starter on top of the flywheel.

Is this it?