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i need parts!!!

i have fully restored an old wizard WG4 6hp, and even restored an early 60s model sea king aluminum boat to put the motor on, but,...i cannot find a set of coils for the motor!!! the motor is sitting in the garage all painted and ready to go on the boat for spring fishing season, but its just haunting me every time i walk out there because im so close to enjoying it on the boat, but cannot find the!!!

Re: i need parts!!!

Does it have the Phelon or Eiseman magneto?

Re: i need parts!!!

it is the Phelon magneto

Re: i need parts!!!

WF4 & WG4 use Repco/Phelon F189F Magneto assembly
(so marked on top of flywheel)
Coil Part # FG 307-B
Points Part # FG 216
Condensor Part # FG 626 K
(Phelon Part Numbers...Kiekhaefer renumber to retain
replacement part business...a standard businss policy
for companies useing purchased parts)
It is a common practice to use coils that
will fit the available space and/or can be made
to fit. OMC "universal" coils in particular have been used due to availability and modest price. Look up coil substitution articles on this and other sites. Sometimes a broken wire can be rejoined...worth trying as you have nothing to lose except your time.
I would suggest you contact jim judkins about coils
as he currently has a ad for coils on wevertizer.
I feel sure he knows what will work where.
R E Phelon (Repco)