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I have fully restored a 48 to 52 model wizard wg4 6hp. i have replaced the plugs, gas line, cleaned out everything down to the last screw...put fuel in it tonight and tried cranking it for about 30 min. cant seem to get it to turn over. i have good compression, and everything seems to be right, but it will not crank. i did not replace the points, would they prob be the reason for no spark?

Re: points???

It takes 3 things to make a motor run...Compression, spark, and fuel. A good mechanic at a rental store who worked on everything under the sun told me to check those 3 things in that order to narrow down the problem. You can get a sense of compression just by pulling the starter rope and feeling the resistance. Spark is tested by removing the spark plug and pulling the starter rope with the plug against the side of the motor and looking for an arc across the plug terminals. Fuel is checked sometimes by trying to see if there is fuel on the plug after pull starting a while.

In Your case with no spark, the points are the first place to start with a motor that hasn't run in years. I don't know if it's the correct way, but I put very fine wet/dry sandpaper between the points and open the points to where I just can pull the paper out. This has always been the way I clean the points and it's always worked for me.

Re: points???

thanks brian. well, the points, plugs, wires, and condensers are good after a little research on how to test everything, but one of the 2 coils is bad. ive found out that the mercury KD4 from the same time frame has a lot of the same parts as the wizard WG4, but i cannot find new/aftermarket or old stocked parts for either model. now that i know i need a new coil, i just need to find out where to get one from...any suggestions?

Re: points???

Anybody know if Phelon (Repco) coils work on that mag?
These were used extensively on later Mercs.

Or OMC coils? Use the original armatures.

Good luck. JW in Dixie

Re: points???

thanks for the ebay link. ordered it today for my 6hp wizard