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Wizard 3 1/2

I have a friend that runs a junk yard where I buy alot of intakes and carbs ( car parts) that people sell for junk. Anyhow he had a Wizard 3 1/2 Outboard
Model COC6503AA66 that someone sold for junk. Its all there and not locked up. Are these thinks worth anything. Should I even bother with trying to get it running or just move on ? thanks for your help and time. Keith

Re: Wizard 3 1/2

That is a 1966 Wizard made by Chrysler (just after they purchased West Bend's outboard division). West Bend and Chrysler made very good outboards. Chrysler, in the early years, stuck with West Bend's very successful designs. They aren't worth much, but if you are in the mood to tinker with it, you might have yourself a decent little fishing motor. You'll want to check compression on the cylinder (my guess is it should be at least 60 PSI), and if it is decent, move on to inspecting the ignition system. Parts shouldn't be too hard to find should you need a new ignition coil. I can't remember if that is a water or air-cooled model, but if water, you'll want to check out the impeller. I'd replace it no matter what ... that is, if everything else above checks out and you decide to work on it. They are good little motors to learn on!