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1956 WM7A parts

I need a water pump impeller for a 1956 WM7A. Where is the best place
to find Wizard parts. Also need a fuel hose connector.

Re: 1956 WM7A parts

Wizard WM7A was made by Kiekhaefer (Mercury) using
Mark 25 Powerhead and KG7 lower unit...impeller is
part # 47-21164
Should be available from several on line vendors
Verify part is for your make model and serial number
with vendor when ordering.
There are also some garage/basement entrepreneurs
making impellers and other rubber parts for orphan
makes and models.
Fuel line connectors can be very hard to find.
Cowls can be very hard to find.
Cosmetic items can be very hard to find.
Which is why it is best to start with as complete a
motor as possible. Completing an incomplete motor
takes time and costs money
Try the online motor parts vendors and ebay and
place online ads on aomci and John old mercs
Attend outboard swap meets and ask around.

Re: 1956 WM7A parts

Thank you Louis,
I've been messing around with old Mercs for years - sold everything this
year to try something new and have since found out I love putzing with old
outboards. Picked up this WM7A for the KG7 type lower unit to build up a Mk20
based "Rat" motor and discovered the Wizard didn't appear to have many hours
on it, has good coils, plug wires and just needs some TLC to get running. Once
its running, I'll sell it off and use the money to buy parts for the "Rat" project.
I just couldn't bring myself to cannibalize what turned out to be a decent Wizard
Super 10. I thought perhaps the "Wizards" on this forum might have a favorite
place or two to go to for parts that I was unaware of. I know the usual haunts for
Merc. parts, some of which are useable on my Wizard I forgot about "John's" site.
Will go up there next. Thanks again.