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WG7 Recoil

I am restoring a 1953 Wizard Super 10 WG7, but can not get the recoil to work properly. The fingers wont respond properly and will only pop out and engage once every 20 pulls. Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I might be able to get some new/different parts?

Re: WG7 Recoil

My guess is that you have a really gummed up recoil spring. The old grease in there turns to an almost paste-like consistency over time. You probably don't need to do anything but break it down and give it a good cleaning. I would use paper towel and acetone to clean off the old spring, then I would coat it lightly with some Lubriplate 105 assembly grease. Give the starter pawls a good cleaning, too, but only use the slightest bit of grease on the mounts.

If you haven't broken down a recoil before, wear old clothes, gloves, and eye protection. When pulling off the rope sheave, the springs are known to fly out violently.


Re: WG7 Recoil

Unless you're really into self-abuse, I wouldn't take the recoil assembly apart until I had soaked it in kerosene or a similar non-destructive solvent. Leave it soaking a few hours then slosh it back and forth. Let it dry and try it. Unless you will be running the motor frequently the grease remaining in the assembly will be sufficient lubricant for occasional use. Just my 2 cents. JW in Dixie