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alrighty folks, got everything up and running good on my restored wizard wg4 6 hp and im ready to paint. could anyone suggest a primer that will stick good to the aluminum that is readily available at common stores? i ordered the wizard green metallic paint from canada, i just need a good sticking primer.

Re: primer

Vendor of paint should be able answer your question.
Painting and prop selection have a few hard and fast
rules and tons of things that may/may not have to
be taken into consideration. I have noticed that very
experienced restorers seem to have widely differing
opinions as to what works best...and all seem to
produce good results. So...I would stick to what
paint vendor suggests at least for a any
case if you find something that works you can be sure
it will be no longer available the next time you need

Re: primer

Louis' point is good. Peter McDowell actually has tips on his website for painting and prep. Like most others would recommend, he says to make sure you use a "Self Etching" primer, which will "bite" into bare aluminum. If you are looking for a reasonable option, buy Duplicolor's rattle can (it has a green cap). Avoid Rustoluem's self-etching primer. It does not go on as smoothly, and I don't think it bonds well.

If you have a HLVP sprayer and want to mix, I have heard from several folks that an epoxy-based primer is the most durable and it should be compatible with any top coat. If I ever get my sprayer technique down, I want to try it myself. Just know that the rattle can paints, although good, will never be as durable as catalyzed paints you mix up yourself. Peter's paint is some of the best rattle can paint you can get, however.