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wizard motor paint

does anyone know where to purchase green metallic wizard boat engine paint? i have two super 5s and one wg4 6 hp that i have completely restored, decals ordered and everything, but i cannot seem to find the paint...

Re: wizard motor paint

Look thru prior postings on this site. The question
of paint comes up regularly. Selection and application
will make or break a restoration. Worth some study
and trial and error.

Re: wizard motor paint

thanks louis. do you know where i can find information on what to do to the aluminum before painting the motors?

Re: wizard motor paint

Exact match Rattle can Wizard green paint is available at this website below.

under "Paint-Decals-Parts-Medallions for Sale"
look for "Wizard Green 1946-59"
It's around $19.95(Canadian) a can.

I don't know where to get a true wizard gold. They seem to have changed the color slightly through the years and no two seem to be quite the same. I've purchased many different shades of gold in rattle cans, but haven't hit it right yet. Some have had luck with a custom color match from auto paint suppliers.

Re: wizard motor paint

Clean to remove all traces of oil,grease and grime.
Some vigorous cleaners will strip paint as well...
especially if paint was applied on top of oil,grease and grime...more than a few repaints were.
Use rubber gloves and face shield as strong cleaners
will harm skin and eyes. Then rinse,rinse,rinse and
dry...Complete disassembly yields best results. Painting starts with preparation whether it be a house or an outboard.
A really good restoration can look better than factory assembly line spray painting but is a lot more work...You see a lot of nice workmanship at club meets.
The real test of a restoration paint job is can the
paint stand up when motor is used. Original factory
paint did.