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hello folks. i have just got a 1957 sea king aluminum boat and 3 motors from my father. two of the motors are wizard super 5s and the other i am not sure of. it looks like a two stroke 5 hp, but the fuel tank is part of the motor. it looks like you mix oil and gas, pour it in the top, and run off of about a 1/2 gallon or so of fuel and it does not have a place to put a tank on it. i think that i can build one good engine from the two super 5s, but do not know where to get tech manuals for the wizards. does anyone know where i could get complete manuals from for the wizard super 5?

Re: new-bee

I'm assuming you have the WH-6 Super 5 motor which is similar to the Mercury Mark 6.

Here is a link to the Mark 6 parts list.

Re: new-bee

A few pictures of each motor will resolve question of
identity...Wizard brand made for Western Auto 1940
to 1957 by Kiekhaefer and generally follow their
Mercury brand outboards design and construction.
Wizard brand outboards made by other firms before
1940 and 1957 and later.
Your best source of information is likely to be an
old generic service manual which if you are very
fortunate may be on shelves of your local library
if not check ebay and old book sites.

Re: new-bee

yes sir, the two are the 5hp wirards, and i found that the other is a wizard wg4 6hp.