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WA or WB decals (not WA25)

Just wondering if anyone has an original model with complete or mostly complete original decals that would be willing to share photos.


Re: WA or WB decals (not WA25)

Prewar single or twin? There are 7 in total counting
both years and all models. 1940 Wizard production totals are about 2500. 1941 figures probably more,but,
still a modest number.. Early 1942 production numbers murky if any were made as Wizards. Total number of prewar Kiekhaefer made Wizards is likely in 5 to 10 thousand range...subtract those that have not survived and those whose original decals are faded,worn or missing...there are more than a few prewar Kiekhaefer Wizards, Sea Kings and Mercurys about but very few that I have seen have original decals in anything like original condition.
Vinyl reproductions are far as I know
original type decals not being made.
If someone having a prewar Wizard in like new condition is willing to share you may be lucky...maybe someone has a set of unused
prewar replacement copy.