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Wiring a Kill Switch and remote throttle advance

Is anyone familiar with how one might wire a WM-7 for a remote "kill switch" like that used on a jetski? I have some polarized plug electrical pigtails in 10 and 14 ga that would work well for a quick and easy hookup yo a remote. It has something to do with grounding the circuit but how it is wired easily escapes my peanut brain.

any help?

Also, the throttle advance is the manual slide type through the cowling. Has anyone jury-rigged a throttle advance for a remote throttle for a wm-7 that did not require significant drilling/destruction of cowling and potential value?

given my sze, if I can move forward in a small boat, it will plane better and I can see over the bow.

Re: Wiring a Kill Switch and remote throttle advance

The kill switch is easy to wire. From the kill switch, take one of the wires, ground it to a bolt/screw on the body of the motor (I installed one on a screw on the belly pan of one of my Mercs), and then from that grounding screw, run the wire to the screw post on one of the points. Repeat process with the other wire from the switch if it is a two-cylinder motor.

Take a look at this thread on John's Merc Q&A board. This guy did a fantastic job putting a tiller set-up for a KG7. You could do something similar for a remote set-up.

Re: Wiring a Kill Switch and remote throttle advance


Re: Wiring a Kill Switch and remote throttle advance

A friend who has recreated period race boat setups
pointed out that they have spring loaded dead man's
throttle and full circle carburetor shutters...when
throttle is released carburetor shutter slams shut
choking engine to feature.
Regular carburetor shutter has a cut out to allow
enough air thru for engine to idle.
I have had a Sears Gamefisher made by Mercury/Force
that had a lanyard connecting operator with a pull
out key to "kill" motor if operator fell out or keeled over motor would be shut down.
Probably OSHA inspired.