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Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10

I got a second WM-7 as a parts motor. It was frozen and did not have a foot. Turned out rewind was corroded and stuck and not powerhead.

I need a foot for the motor. In a perfect world it would not have water cartridge, prop shaft or bearing damage not would it be cracked or overly abused in any way but normal wear and tear. It would also have a usable prop.

However, that is a perfect world and rarely is it encountered.


Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10


Just to help your search, the WM-7 takes the same foot as Mercury's KG-7 according to the Tech Info on this website. You'll likely have more luck searching under the KG-7 name. That is a fairly coveted model, so you may need to spend a few bucks for a good lower unit. I'd recommend trying Bob Grubb ( He has lots of old parts left over from his days as a vintage Merc dealer and may have something for you. You can also try Doug Penn (, who I have done a lot of business with and highly recommend.

Good luck in your search!

Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10

KG feet are really hard to find. If you can't find one the KE and KF will work, 9/16" shearpin shaft vs the 5/8" clutch on the KG. Lots more props available for the smooth shaft, tho. Good luck. JW in Dixie

Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10


Would he have to swap the driveshaft if he used a KE or KF leg? I can't remember exactly, but weren't there slight differences in the tower heights between the different series motors?


Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10

Because there are different lengths in tower and driveshafts it is best to acquire them together so lengths agree.
Per Mercury Parts Manual...crankshafts for KE7,KF7,KG7,KG4,KH7,Mark 15 and Mark 20 are the same part number 402-48. Driveshaft part numbers vary but they all have to fit same socket splines at base of crankshaft so they have to have same splines.
AND likly same for Wizards based upon these motors.
If this is not correct please advise.
PS Roger WF7 lower unit set aside for higher priority
tasks but I will get to it this week.

Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10

Thanks Louis. I would have been lost long ago without you.

Have had 6 views on the kill switch question but no response as of yet. I like that kill switch used on the jet skis. Probably better than the suicide throttle since it actually kills out the motor. I don't know if I could swim fast enough at even idle to catch a very light boat.


Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10


where do I find props???

I seem to be having difficulty locating them for the 5/8th smooth shaft. One has a 3 blade but none for the other.

roger davis

Re: Need parts for Wizard WM-7 Super 10

You have to keep your eyes open and know what you are
looking for...easier said than done of course.
Do your homework and develop a list of part numbers
of props that will work for you. Michigan Wheel catalog give Michigan Wheel propeller numbers for
many models so there is a starting point. Mercury
KF7 & KG7 Kiekhaefer propeller numbers are also
worth having. If you are prepared to find what you
are seeking you tend to get lucky and find it.
I call that making your own luck.
If you have access to a machinist and you like to
adventure...smaller bore props can be enlarged
or larger bore sleeved down. The important factor is rpm...matching prop to boat so engine rpm is at factory spec at full throtle. Trimming back tips
of blade to reduce area so long as done equally
and rpm stays close to spec.
Not a drill press and hacksaw job...will be turning
at high speed where minor variations will produce
major vibrations.
I had a prop sleeved that had previously been drilled
over size...required a holding fixture and a very
skilled machinist to pull it off. Prop was a brass
Michigan "racing" prop so worth the effort.