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wizard wd3

just wanting to know a little about this old outboard. appears to be in perfect condition, spins free and not all banged up. i know it is from western auto but otherwise have no idea. i am also interested in selling it. i would like to know if it is 4 or 2 stroke.

Re: wizard wd3

1946 two stroke.
Try searching old posts to get some information.

Re: wizard wd3

The General instructions for the WD-4S available here:
This works quite well for figuring out how to run the WD3 also. Just ignore the parts breakdown.

use TC-W3 2-cycle oil (I like pennzoil). 16:1 ratio if you like to see a rainbow on the water behind the boat. I use as little as 32:1 ratio gas to oil with a good name brand 2-cycle oil with no ill effects.

Only crank it in water to spare the water pump and if it doesn't send a little pee stream out the tube at the back bottom of the cylinder, your pump impeller is bad.

Gear case in foot uses grease not oil. use Lubriplate 105 grease available at Napa.