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Radio Flyer Wizard

I just bought a 1956 Wizard "Radio Flyer" in immaculate condition, with a custom-made trailer. I am seeking an original Wizard boat motor for it, that was made in 1956. Right now it has a Evinrude 30 hp, which seems a little too powerful for the boat. Can someone point me in a direction to find a motor for this boat?

Re: Radio Flyer Wizard

You can start by looking at the pictures and data
on the other portion of this site. Should give you
a good idea of what models were made in 1956 and
what they look like. As to acquiring a specific
year make and an ad on aomci webvertizer
and mention that you want a restored running motor of the specific year and model...willing to pay reasonable.
Unless you know your way around an outboard motor
I would suggest you have motor looked over by either
someone knowledgeable or an outboard shop mechanic.
An expert opinion after evaluating motor may prevent a costly mistake.
Several areas of US have LARGE aomci meets where you
may view many outboard motors in every condition
AND ask questions of very knowledgeable members of
the hobby. If you see something you like...MONEY only
whispers but even the deaf can hear it.
Some brands of outboard motors are more or less common in various parts of country. Expect to find more Wizard outboards near a former Western Auto
store than elsewhere. It takes water and disposable income to create a demand for boats and motors...50 or 60 years back Michigan had both...still has the water...a lot of boats and motors were sold then and many are still to be found. The only real competition
is the scrap metal dealer.
ebay would not be on my list of places to look because
winning bid plus shipping and handling for a motor sold "as is" is a little iffy.
craigslist or other local have to be
alert and quick and very patient.

Re: Radio Flyer Wizard

not sure what size motor your looking for, but i have two wizard super 5s, all original. one runs good, and the others strictly a parts motor.

Re: Radio Flyer Wizard

I now am planning to sell this boat, I found that it is a 1960 Radio Flyer Western Auto, Wizard boat. I am hoping you can guide me to where I can find out what it is worth I have searched high and low and cannot find a single one on the internet. I have photos if you care to see them.