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New-to-me wizard 3.5hp can't identify pics attached

Hello. I'm new on here, but am glad I found this forum. I recently got a 3.5hp wizard outboard
here is what I know about it:
a) had a recoil starter, gone now...
b) aluminum tear-drop shaped gas tank
c) metal gas cap
d) tank painted white with blue logo and lettering
e) has a glass carb sediment bowl!

the ONLY number I found anywhere is right above the transom mount on the vertical shaft. the number is 28133

if anyone could help me id this outboard, I'd appreciate it. It runs and I want to put it on my 12' jon boat, I'd just like to know more about it

Re: New-to-me wizard 3.5hp can't identify pics attached

Looks like I have a West Bend / Elgin 3.5hp Wizard

found info here:

now, off to find that recoil starter and the missing piece of the carb....

Re: New-to-me wizard 3.5hp can't identify pics attached

Model number for Wizard 3 1/2 hp by West Bend more than likely is last two numbers of year followed by 03
as in 1965 3 1/2 hp would be 6503. Same system for larger motors and so on for subsequent model years.
Since these were Wizard model numbers it does not
seem likely that Chrysler purchase of West Bend
would have altered model number system.
Hope this helps search for parts. A source of
information on older but not antique outboards is
local public library (if like mine) has lots of manuals for 80's and up outboards. Plus Older generic manuals that cover routine and not so routine repairs for earlier 30hp and under outboards.
Parts...probably second move would be to check with
the on line guys that buy old outboards and sell parts
Cost of parts plus shipping may make or break a
project to revive & restore. First move is check
to see if motor is worn out or has a terminal mechanical problem. When buying parts be sure you
are buying the parts needed for your make and model
Wrong parts are expensive lessons.
It is also a good idea to think about why a part
is missing...sometimes indicates nothing more than
a person with time on his hands and tools in his hands...sometimes something else.

Re: New-to-me wizard 3.5hp can't identify pics attached

Chrysler 3 1/2 hp uses Tillotson MD124A
McCulloch 3 !/2 use Tillotson AJ16A carburetors
Wizard versions probably use same. Model numbers
usually on carburetor casting. May help verify
identification. Distinctive looking lower unit
exhaust outlet on your motor.

Re: New-to-me wizard 3.5hp can't identify pics attached

I have a Wizard 3.5 hp Similar to the one you described. It came without a recoil started also. If you want the starter for easy starting, not to restore the motor, I took the starter off a Craftsman lawnmower. With very little modification, a perfect fit. I have had no problems with it.