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Pictures and a question.

The Six horse WG-4 of yesteryear is as powerful as a 9.9 horse of today. It is a BLAST on my 12 foot John boat! It planes off beautifully and moves it right along!! It goes at least 15 mph now.

My question is can i still get larger carb jets for my wg-4? It's a 1951. Also can someone steer me to the site for the lower oil seal? I leak oil out of my water intake because it seeps by.

I got the camera that took these pictures for my fiance's birthday, she wants me to tell you that she took the pictures... she's pretty proud of her new found camera skills.

Re: Pictures and a question.

No Carb jets are available to the best of my knowledge.

These motors take grease in the lower gear box not oil.
Lubriplate 105 found at Napa is recommended. Take good care of those lower gears. They are super hard to find replacements for, and they were the weak spot in these Mercury made Wizards.

The WATER PUMP TO GEAR HOUSING GASKET can be found at the link below as well as the drive shaft housing gasket on the page after. You can also cut your own gaskets from sheet stock.

I would recommend the lower unit seal kit found below because chances are the drive shaft seals are toast also.

Re: Pictures and a question.

AJ series carburetors are pretty basic.
As long as carburetor passages and orifices are
not corroded or clogged carburetor should work.
I do not know if orifice or jets can be serviced,
have never seen or read of replacement jets on AJ series carburetors.

The effectiveness of new seals depend upon condition
of shafts...lower end of drive shaft is ground to form a seal and bearing journal...not uncommon to
find pitted and grooved.

The gear case has brass bushings for drive shaft
and prop shaft. Water pump housing also has a
brass bushing. Check that bushings are not worn
over size and/or out of round. If questionable look
for good used replacements. Bushings are cast in
place and can not be renewed.

Prop shaft has same wear and corrosion issues possible in area where seal rides.

Shims on prop shaft and shim and spacer on drive shaft
adjust gear lash to reduce wear and not
lose or install matters.

If you go over the several years of comments on this
site you may find it worth while and answer questions
you have not yet asked.