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1958 Wizard OC 585

I recently bought a 1958 Wizard 5.5hp outboard. Is this motor worth anything? Are parts available? It ran last year (I was told). Is there anybody interested in it? Any help would be great!

Re: 1958 Wizard OC 585

An interesting Wizard...Kiekhaefer Mercury stopped supplying Western Auto with outboards in 1957. Oliver, a maker of farm tractors, had purchased Chris Craft outboard motor interests and ventured into marketing Oliver brand outboards as well as supplying Western Auto with outboards under Wizard brand. Oliver soon left the business of making outboards so both Oliver and Western Auto Wizards made by Oliver are not very common. There is an online site for
Oliver parts which may/may not work with Wizard/Olivers. Most old outboard motors respond to
TLC and can be made useful again...and some have
issues...Value like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.There are a very few pristine, near original old outboard motors AND tons of been thru the mill
(several times) old outboards.

Re: 1958 Wizard OC 585

I purchased a boat back around 2003...with it came a Western Auto Wizard motor. It ran for 2 or 3 years like a champ...then suddenly It quit. After tearing it apart... It was obviously not getting fuel to the bowl...iI did everything I new to troubleshoot/fix it to no avail. I kept it for years trying to find someone that would look at it. Every marine repair shop told me that they wouldn't touch it...too old...unavailable parts...erc... Just recently I met a small engine repair guy that said he could fix I gave him the motor and in less than a week he had rebuilt the entire motor for $165.00 and it's running like a champ again! The problem was the carbeurator pump had gone bad...he just happened to have an identical carb hanging on the wall of his shop! The 5.5 hp motor has incredible power and obvious longevity! Definitely worth the save!

Re: 1958 Wizard OC 585

I have a 5.5 Wizzard that needs a prop but open to other options.