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value of some wizards I inherited?

Anybody > Can some one give me a price range for these motors? I inherited them from my father in law who was an antique outboard motor collector. I have over 200 motors for sale by the way. All types, big and small. Will appreciate any assistance.

1. 1954 wizard WG-4 6HP
2. 1951 wizard wg-4 7.5 HP
3. 1952 wizard wg-7 10 HP
4. 1953 wizard wg-7a 10 hp
5. 1954 wizard wj-7 10 hp

Re: value of some wizards I inherited?

For 200 motors a well advertised auction may be your best bet...the right auctioneer has a following and knows how to market collections. At the end of the day every motor will go home with a new owner. If the auction goes well you will come out with about the same net and a lot less headache. If you go with an auctioneer it is in both your interests to keep all items in sale and not allow pickers to take the good items and leave run of mill to auction.
An auction is subject to many variables so results
will vary.
Ebay means shipping...which the buyer must pay for and you must provide...for 200 motors...some of which may not sell easily or be difficult to ship...and
the damage in shipping risk. A lot of work for
which you will not get paid very well.
Free opinion worth about half price.
Only listing of aproximate values is in Mr Hunn's
book "Old Outboards" however those are not recently
set and economy has had several ups and downs since.
Auctioneer may know of recent sales at auction and
have a little better idea of current interest in
old outboards in his geographic area.
If I had 200 outboard motors to sell I would
do internet research on local/regional auctioneers and perhaps attend a few auctions to get a feel for who does best job and settles up promptly.