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Wizzard 40HP Outboard Motor

I am refurbishing a Wizzard 40HP outboard motor. The designation inside the cowling is C7HB-1690. There is a date stamp of 27Jan1960 inside the cowling. The plate on the motor's transom is in bad shape. The only numbers I can read are "1577". It has electric start. I believe it is a MLM-6940A or 6941A vintage 1960.

Does anyone have access to a good source for parts? Also, should the engine fuel system tank be pressurized or non-pressurized? And, should the fuel tank have the Mercury style connection?

Would appreciate your help.


Re: Wizzard 40HP Outboard Motor

Scott Atwater McCulloch was maker of Wizard outboards
in 1958-64 abouts. More than likely your Wizard is
similar to same year same horsepower model Scott Atwater McCulloch. (Name trasitioned from Scott Atwater to Scott to McCulloch)
After 1964 McCulloch supplied Sears with Elgin outboards for a few years.
No connection to Mercury as Western Auto changed suppliers after 1956-57 to Oliver and Scott Atwater
Parts: ignition impeller probably available on line
other parts probably from a parts motor or one of the
folks on line who buy old outboards and sell parts.
Might take a little looking but parts are out there
Depending on how much engineering McCulloch did
you may find Sears Elgin version has same parts.

Re: Wizzard 40HP Outboard Motor

That motor was made by McCulloch. It uses a conventional single-line tank, but will use a McCulloch fitting (not a Mercury). Take a look a the "Links" page of to find parts suppliers.