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Wizard WD-3 model for sale

Have a Wizard Model-WD-3. Having to get rid of everything and come across it.It is all aluminum and is COMPLETE. Needs to go to someone who will get it going. Thanks ya'll

Re: Wizard WD-3 model for sale

When advertising an outboard for sale:
would be nice and may even help sell.
Also nice to know if seller will pack and ship if
need be.
Not to find fault with this seller but as a reminder
to anyone thinking of selling an outboard.
Also "complete" is subject to verification as most
old outboards are not...unless an exception to rule
"that which can be lost or forgotten will be lost
or forgotten."
Again not to find fault with this seller or any other.
My first outboard was complete except all the cowl
fasteners were missing...since then I have yet to find
an old outboard motor that wasn't missing this that or
the next thing.