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Wizard Super twin WG4

I am trying to get some more information on this Wizard outboard Motor.

Model Number WG4
Serial Number 725297
Western Auto Supply

I have some pictures of it on my website

I am getting this unit cleaned up to sell and wanted to see what I could find out it.

Thanks for your help,

Re: Wizard Super twin WG4

The WG4 is based on Mercury's KD4. They were produced from 1951-1954 by Kiekhaefer Mercury for Western Auto and are rated at 6HP. Neat little motor, but don't expect to bring in a big amount of cash for it.


Re: Wizard Super twin WG4

By the way, they are water cooled, not air cooled as listed on your website. I believe the impeller is located in the gearcase itself, as opposed to a pump housing atop the gearcase.

Re: Wizard Super twin WG4

Large supply and limited demand for older outboard
motors...Johnson alone made well over a million outboard motors in the 1950's There are only about
3,000 members in AOMCI. Most old outboards are in
the $25 to $75 range...exceptions do exist...
race motors, pre WW1 motors and motors in very
exceptional condition with paperwork. There are also
motors of more interest to scrap metal recycler than
hobby...used in salt water or a problem model missing
vital never to be found parts.

Re: Wizard Super twin WG4