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wizard 5 not getting fuel

I have a wizard super 5 that will not get gas if u spray starter fluid in it will fire right up can someone tell me how to get it running thanks

Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

You could have a couple things going on. First, I would start with the carburetor. Just spraying the outside isn't enough, you'll need to clean out the bowl and jets. Also, inspect the cork float. If it looks dried out, it will either need to be resealed or replaced with a modern plastic. Inspect your fuel lines for blockages and replace cracked rubber line.

The other potential culprit is the fuel pump. Your diaphragm could be dried out and not pumping fuel properly. If it is hardened, it will need to be replaced.

Carb rebuild kits and fuel pump diaphragms are readily available for the WH6, which is equivalent to Mercury's Mark 6. The only word of caution is that the carburetor is a pain to get at on this motor. You're best to take your time and remove it rather than try to work on it while it is protected by the lower cowling/belly pan.

Lastly, don't try to start it anymore with starting fluid. It has no lubricating qualities and can cause cylinder damage. Get yourself a fuel syringe and squirt some fuel in mixed at 24:1.


Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

ok I got it to run I put it in the water today and it ran for the first 5 minutes and then shut down I let it sit for 5 minutes and it started any suggestions on this problem

Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

I have seen these flood with fuel if the engine is not tilted up in the back slightly.

The real problem in these cases is that the carb float is not shutting off the fuel properly once the carb bowl is full and the gas begins to slowly drain down into the crankcase till the motor floods.

However, it might be as simple as adjusting the fast and slow speed carb adjustments.

The suggestions on cleaning the carn are the right ones.

On the ignition side: If the coils in the magneto are bad they typically will fail as the engine warms up.

Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

where exactly is the fast and slow adjustment I had the motor up a little when I was running it my friend told me it could be overheating is this motor air cooled or water cooled thanks for all the advice. I was also told it could be a fuel pump and /or waterpump

Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

Your $50 outboard very likely needs a (nearly) $50
impeller. If you had lucked into a new never used outboard of same brand,model and vintage it would
also need a new impeller...rubber ages and falls
apart over time. Be glad you have spark...coils
fail too...they would run over $50 EACH.
The GOOD NEWS is outboard motors are fairly simple easy to understand devices. They can be repaired
and made useful and reliable by persons of average
ability using common tools. Yours is no exception.
Sounds like you have the desire and enthusiasim but
do not yet have the knowledge.
Impeller is an octopus like rubber
rotor in water pump...when they get old they fall
apart sometimes bits and pieces wind up in water
line somewhere. Running motor without a flow of
cooling water will cause the engine to overheat and seize up sometimes without much damage and sometimes never to run again.
(Not every old outboard has a rubber impeller.
There are some exceptions...really old outboards
for most part...pretty much a standard item for
outboards made since 1950's) Access to impeller
varies from almost easy to difficult depending upon
design, corrosion and crud.

Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

first off thank you everyone for the advice. If someone can tell me where to get parts for this motor at a reasonable price would be great. thanks Tim

Re: wizard 5 not getting fuel

Make Model and Serial Number are usually required to
get the "right" parts the "first" time.
There are several on line sources of around for price. Check out your local library for
old outboard may find a generic manual
with reference to the Mecury version of your outboard.
You will find those in hobby with no use for manuals
as well as those who have a library of reference
material. Digital camera is a handy tool to record
"Before" "During" and "After" for all repair work
on your old aware that fastener may
only be suited for the place it was removed from
so tag them and don't lose track of them....length,
thread and head may vary.
Your Wizard was made by Kiekhaefer who are more known
for Mercury brand. Some models are same between brands and some are not. Usually at least some parts
in common. Wizard WH6/WH6A is related to the
Mercury KF5 Super 5, Mark 6 Super Silent 6 series
nearest to Mark 6
Note that the series evolved from a nonshift gravity
feed tank on motor to a neutral start remote tank
fuel pump equiped model so parts will vary.