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Wizard 6

I was recently given a Wizard 6 by a relative. The motor has been in storage for 25++ years. It runs well but before I take it to the lake I would like to replace/inspect a few of its most vital parts (water pump impeller etc.)

The model# is coc6606a96 serial# is 1869. It looks a little more modern than most of the pictures I see on this site. Is this a 1969 model? When I purchased a gas fitting for it a Chrysler fitting was a match. I was wondering if this was a later production built by Chrysler not Mercury? The C's in the model# and the gas fitting have me wondering.

Can anyone tell me exactly what I have here? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Scott P
Locust Grove, GA

Re: Wizard 6

If a water cooled powerhhead engine
your hunches are probably correct.
(Western Auto also marketed Wizard branded
Eska air cooled outboards which used
Tecumseh air cooled powerheads.
Eskas may have an impeller to pump water into
exhaust leg.)
Chrysler got into outboard
business by buying West Bend. Sold as Chryslers,
Wizards and Sea Kings for a few years beginning about 1965. Repair and specs same as Chrysler and Sea King versions of same model. I believe made/sold in Canada as well (perhaps as a store brand also)
Chrysler had sold automobile engines converted for marine and industrial use for many years so acquireing
an outboard line seemed to be a good idea.
Chrysler sold outboard operations to Force in 70's
You may be able to find a vintage generic repair
manual that would give specs and repair instructions
thru your local library or maybe a used book site.
Impeller for water pump may be available on line or
at NAPA Sierra or similar. Do not try to use the
long stored motor without checking impeller as
motor may overheat and seize up if rubber impeller is
rotted due to age...there are other things to
check and do but impeller replacement is pretty
much a given.

Re: Wizard 6

Yes, you are correct. Your 6HP Wizard was manufactured by Chrysler and it is a 1969 model. Far better than the air-cooled Eskas that followed.