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'55 wizard super 10 paint match

anyone suggest any paint choices (manufacturer/color description) that best match the original paint scheme of the '55 Wizard Super 10 (merc).

is it flat, satin or gloss?

This paint has faded to a point it is difficult to tell.


Re: '55 wizard super 10 paint match

At most it is probably satin, I havent seen a high gloss one yet, that hadn't been repainted. Some Chevy colors that have been suggested are (kind of close) - Willow green or Laurel green. Havent seen one in person yet.

Re: '55 wizard super 10 paint match


Re: '55 wizard super 10 paint match

Valspar makes a darn close color in rattle can called everglade. It's a satin color but it doesn't quite match unless you add a clear-coat.

Re: '55 wizard super 10 paint match

Exact match Rattle can Wizard green paint is available at this website below.

under "Paint-Decals-Parts-Medallions for Sale"
look for "Wizard Green 1946-59"
It's around $19.95(Canadian) a can.

I don't know where to get a true wizard gold. They seem to have changed the color slightly through the years and no two seem to be quite the same. I've purchased many different shades of gold in rattle cans, but haven't hit it right yet. Some have had luck with a custom color match from auto paint suppliers.