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1955 wh6 super 5 parts

ok so i just got one of these outboards from a friend I'm experienced with working on old outboards but i have never done anything with wizard just Johnson and evinrude and i need all new ignition (coils condensers points and plug wires) and a new water pump is there anyway some one could point me in the right direction to get these parts?

Re: 1955 wh6 super 5 parts

The Super 5 is based on Mercury's Mark 6 models and most parts are interchangeable. The ignition and water pump are the same between the Mark 6 and Super 5. Here is a source for your parts:

Make sure you have good compression on that motor before you start making the investment. As you can tell, the ignition components are pricey!


Re: 1955 wh6 super 5 parts

thanks alot and i did just a turn test with the fly wheel and it seems to have plenty the guy i got it from said his grandfather got it when he was younger as a kind of mid life thing and he probably used it twice and it looks like it the plugs still look brand new