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wizzard modle - wg4 /serial # 725883

i found a wizard wg4 don't know much about it . does it have a water pump ?

Re: wizzard modle - wg4 /serial # 725883

Look for my email. I forwarded a copy of a parts manual for WF4 and WG4 models. The water pump impeller is a couple of parts behind the propeller.

Re: wizzard modle - wg4 /serial # 725883

The lower unit pictures on this site are the same as on WG4. For some reason the larger online sources for Kiekhaefer made Wizard and Mercury parts
stopped offering the impeller 47-24447 used on Mercurys KE3 and prior models and Wizard WG4 and prior models.
This may be temporary or permanent situation.
AOMCi member Brian Wilcox makes the impeller as well
as other impellers and rubber parts used on older
outboards.So far as I know he is at present the only
Mercury Part Number is 47-24447 Wizard part #? but
does not matter as they are same part.