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Wizard 3.5 ESK-6603-A47 Fuel Mixture and any informaition

Hello I bought this motor and the guy said it had been hanging in his out building for years. I clean the carb and jets and it started right up like a camp. I only ran it a couple of mintues. I was not sure of the fuel mix? He said get the weed eater mix and put it one gallon of gas. Any information would be great. Plug? it has a chamion L77 JC4

Model Number is ESK-6603-A47 Serial Number C-735274
Thank You.

Re: Wizard 3.5 ESK-6603-A47 Fuel Mixture and any informaition

Tecumseh powerheads on Eska all seem to take 16 to 1 fuel mix. 1967 and earlier models have a water scoop to cool exhaust leg. 1968 and later models have a
water pump which may need service if you
can not see water spraying out exhaust relief holes.
Eska outboards were sold by a number of retailers under a variety of names. A motor one can use
in salt water because it is both air cooled and inexpensive.
(6603 may mean 1966 model.)
(from ABOS manual)

Re: Wizard 3.5 ESK-6603-A47 Fuel Mixture and any informaition

Thank you. It has water coming out of the two small holes under the engine. It does not want to idle I looked for the high and low screws and I can not find them. I had what looked and felt like play dough in the carb bowl. AT full it runs well. I played with the mixture screew just brifly tring to get it to idle with no sucess. Thank you again I have a 1960 12' v hull that I plan on using the motor on. I do need to replace the the rutter it is broke off. There is about a inch left I could build to by drilling and inserting rods and use JB weild to form. It has four screws that holds it to the lower unit.