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WH-6 no spark on bottom plug

A friend gave me a WH-6 ser# 937728 and said "if you can get it runnng, make me an offer". We said it has sat in his garage since the late eighties.
engine turns well, good compression on both cyl's, gas in both cyls, spark to the upper plug only. Do I need to remove the spinning top part that the spark plug wires seem to disappear under? (I used to work on cars and know nothing about aoutboards) If so, how does it come off? Are there points and condensers under that thing? Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: WH-6 no spark on bottom plug

OK - I figured out the big thing on top is the fly wheel. How does this come off?
Thanks in advance..................

Re: WH-6 no spark on bottom plug

Go to NAPA and buy a $10 harmonic balancer pull. Also get 3 pieces of 1/4-20 3" LONG Hex bolts and flat washers.

Use a pipe wrench to unscrew the flywheel nut while holding the flywheel still with a strap wrench.

Screw each of the hex bolts 5 turns into the flywheel then tighten on the center screw till the flywheel pops off.

It may be that that the points need to be cleaned and regapped tro 0.018" but it is more likely that you will likely find the two coils are badly cracked and both need to be replaced. will get you to east coast marine. You model is very similar to a Mark 6. Ask more questions as you go.

Re: WH-6 no spark on bottom plug

First check to see if problem is a bad spark plug.
Sometimes fix is simple. Not often though.
If you are not familiar with small engine technology
go to your public library and check out a basic small
outboard repair manual or even a generic small engine
repair manual.You will need to buy,rent, borrow or make a tool to remove flywheel...The proceedure
to remove a flywheel varies...they can be easy or
frustrating...techniques vary depending upon who
is doing the removal.
Under flywheel are ignition coils,contact points and each per spark plug...follow the
wire from nonfiring spark plug to coil then to condenser and contact points. You may only need to
clean the points or you may need to replace coil...
cost zero to cost mucho...Kiekhaefer used several
magneto suppliers...yours is likely R E Phelon or
Repco which are still available aftermarket.
Condensers do not have to be same maker just same
electrical points can be polished
up and reset to proper gap. Be sure to clean cam
and apply a very little oil to cam wipers. Magneto
plate may be stiff...if so remove and clean lube
area it slides on and reset tension screw(s)
When installing flywheel do not lube the taper of
flywheel or crankshaft it goes on DRY...Also install
rachet nut to proper torque value...over tight and
hub may split..under tight and flywheel may come
Lots to learn great fun to be had doing so.

Re: WH-6 no spark on bottom plug

Louis and Richard
Thank you for the great info!
I will tinker next weekend and post back what I find.
Just one more thing, if I do get this oldtimer running, what should I offer? The more time and money it takes to get it running, the lower the offer, but do you have a good staring point? The motor is in nice shape for being 11 years older than me....
thanks in advance