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wizard super power 25

Well, had no luck selling my 1957 super power 25, so i will haveto get it running. It is complete but has no spark. Any advice on where to start??

Re: wizard super power 25

Your 4 cylinder motor has a Fairbanks Morse magneto driven by a timing belt. First verify the belt is present and in good condition then very carefully remove cover and clean contact points. Access room may be at a premium. Be careful as these parts
can be very expensive.
I have not much experience to draw on with the large
Kiekhaefer made outboards. It may be very helpful to
study the section of manual relating to service of
Fairbanks Morse magneto. I used to know a magneto
expert who had the specialize tools and background
to completely rebuild really really old magnetos
even to lathe up new parts. He worked on a Mercury
with a Fairbanks Morse magneto and had a real tough time understanding it...until it dawned on him that he was dealing with 4 cylinder 2 cycle engine not a 4 cycle tractor magneto. His son is not yet as
qualified although he has the tools.
I was at Port Huron (MI) meet today. Tom Nichols had a
marvelously restored Wizzy 25 on an equally nice
restored aluminum race boat.
Johns Old Mercury Site. Com has a number of members
wise in the ways of the larger Kiekhaefers who can
probably talk you thru troubleshooting your spark
or lack of situation. Servicing Fairbanks Morse magneto best done on "bench" which requires complex
removal and replacement as well as timing the timing
belt gear on flywheel to gear on magneto...not impossible but probably tedious and calls for
following manual proceedure to obtain good results.
Point gap specs 0.010" + 0.000" -0.002" per manual


Re: wizard super power 25

Thanks a million.


Re: wizard super power 25

Terry, you might want to stand the motor on its head to gain better access to the mag. I find it easier than trying to work upside down. Only dentists can do that! The mag is difficult to access but it isn't rocket science. Lots of experts, especially on John's, who can help you. I have a WA25 that is coming to the top of the pile and hopefully will get to it this fall. Good luck with yours. JW in Dixie

John's Old Merc site link: