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wizard Ten up for grabs

I have a Wizard 10 and an old Mercury up for grabs,the recoiled needs repair for the Wizard,and the Mercury kg6 appears fine,both have props.
When I was a kid I used to repair old outboards,and purchased these about a year ago,never have tried to start .another one of the projects never got around to.
Let me know if any of you guys are interested?
I can send photo,s etc.

Re: wizard Ten up for grabs

Could you check model number of the Mercury again?
I am not familiar with Kg6...KG4 or Mark 6 or ?
Wizard 10 or super 10? What model does ID plate
indicate or serial number.
Also would help to know aproximately where located
...a nearby motor is a more attractive poposition
than a distant one given price of shipping and gas.
Thank You.