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wizard super 10hp

I inherited a wizard super 10 hp.My uncle bought it new in the 50s.He used it very little.Its been sitting on a motor stand for 50 plus year.Does it have a value?it looks great all decals intact.

Re: wizard super 10hp

Original Condition appearance is always at a premium to
the usual been through the mill beater. Not always an
indicator that all is well within though. If someone
wants a motor to display "Original Condition" is worth
more than an average or less condition motor...on the
other hand those who want to run a motor care if it is
stuck, has low/uneven compression and if it was run
dry and fogged after the "last run"...Value of used
can best be established by serious bargaining between
buyer and seller...Few old outboards are worth as much
as their original selling price...some antiques, racing
and truly original condition w/paper work are exceptions
Common old outboards in average condition exist in quite
large numbers compared to relatively few who collect and
restore them.
If you want a ball park figure to start from look up the
original manufacturer's suggested list price on this site.