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Hi I have a #851642 I think it is a wn7 powermatic 12.It does run.Can any one tell me if that is what I have and what it might be worth.I dont know alot about boat motors. Thanks

Re: #851642

I don't recognize the model from the (serial?) range for 1955 WN7
(similar or Mercury Mark 25) Model and Serial
numbers usually on an id plate on clamp saddle.
as to what it is worth that is even harder
to answer...the junk man's opinion would be fairly
modest and the tax accessor's opinion might be a little on the high side...the answer has to be
"it depends..." on a lot of things that are not
before us. Old outboards are not usually in running condition...the talent and investment needed can
only be determined after an evaluation of the specific
motor in question...even then it is a guessing game
so purchase price has to reflect this uncertainty
for a rational person to buy...starry eyed types
with overfull billfolds will often be taught expensive lessons by old outboards, old cars and
old houses.

Re: #851642

I have the serial as a 1955 WN-7 Power-Matic Twelve last serial number in that range is 851972.