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WANTED! Wizard Parts!!!

I recently recently acquired a Wizard Super 10 WG-7 Outboard Motor with a damaged gas tank. I'm looking to replace the tank and water jacket head. The ears are broken off and the tank is beyond repair. I'm wondering if anyone has parts they are selling or willing to trade for. I have some various Mercury, Wizard and Elgin Outboard Motor parts.

Re: WANTED! Wizard Parts!!!

Posting a FREE "Wanted To BUY" ad on webvertizer site may be more productive...those who have a motor outside their
interest area may have what you seek and be willing to
part it out or sell as a parts motor. Be aware that tanks
take a beating...some worse than others and some less...
...really beat up tanks can be salvaged IF
you can find a welder willing to work on a GAS TANK...
many will cut a flap in an out of sight spot on out dents from inside and take CLEAN tank
to welder to fold flap in place and weld shut.
What I mean by a flap is a "U" shaped cut with say a
Dremel tool that leaves the flap attached to tank
....fold it out to provide access to work on dents
and fold it back in position so welder can fill the
slot with weld metal...1)I assume tank is aluminum
2)aluminum welding takes special equipment/skill/experience
3)welding a gas tank is not for faint of heart...tank
must be free of all trace of fuel AND/OR filled with
inert gas...Not a low cost solution...sometimes the
only solution...if you can find a tank in decent shape
you will be about where you would be if you had your
current tank welded...still needing time and effort
to work up cosmetics.
It takes more time and effort to restore
cosmetics than to do complete mechanical rebuild...
and not everyone can paint...or should.
I would consult with welder with tank in hand before
attempting sure you are both on same page
as to what can and should be done and agree on a price.