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Wizard chrome bezel (top cowl nut cover)

1957 Wizard Powermatic 12hp. I need the chrome piece (and screw) that covers the nut on top of the cowl. Needs to ship to 64155. Thanks.

Re: Wizard chrome bezel (top cowl nut cover)

Old outboard parts come in three orders of difficulty...
1) easy to find but not cheap...impellers,coils,
handle grips and decals.
2) easily found...on a parts motor...which leads
to question...what do you do with rest of motor?
3) and then there are the Cosmetic items...finding
the "correct" knobs,wraps,cowls,badges,and other
little touches that set off a restored motor may
involve being at right place at right time or
asking the right person in right way...
All of the above are why an outboard described by
seller as "easily restorable" usually is quite a few
dollars short of truth AND sufficient reason to keep
looking unless price is in parts motor range. A motor
passed down from a relative with an emotional factor
involved is understandable ,but, the above still apply.
There are a few online sources that sell parts from unrestorable motors and some hard to find in demand parts are being reproduced.
When you see someone's award winning restoration realize it is not just what you see but the parts
chase to make it complete and correct that have to
be appreciated. For more than a few that is part
of the achievement.
(small fraction of 2 cents worth)