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Parts Motor or Project Motor & Parts

At a recent meet I spotted a Mercury Mark 7 that looked like a good prospect so without checking out
why rewind assembly was hanging on with an incorrect fastener I negotiated a price and toted
it to my truck. Somewhat later I looked it over and
discovered the flywheel was in crankshaft
broken at junction of flywheel and cam area...
a couple observations:
1)I was somewhat disappointed with the seller's lack
of candor and my failure to follow up on an obvious
clue to a problem.
2)Aside from that it was a so so deal as price was
about right for a parts motor and I have several
spare crankshafts. For those not so fortunate this
would be a hard lesson. Except for the broken
crankshaft and spray can repaint this motor does
not appear to have been worked on...I can see
an interesting project...not a good first time
candidate though.

Parts: I have residue of WF4 leg that is too good to
trash but not needed...anyone willing to pay shipping? email me for details as to what is and
is not included. (an incomplete motor that was
parted out...not a restorable motor broken up for parts)

Re: Parts Motor or Project Motor & Parts

I had the exact same experience with another KE4/Mark7 a year or so ago with a motor I got in Pottstown from someone I hadn't met before.

The KE4/Mark7s are my favorite motor and they are very easy to work on. Email me if you run into any issues.

Re: Parts Motor or Project Motor & Parts

It may be an easy tear down to remove and replace the
crankshaft OR it may involve some other issues...
a) this is my first go around with a broken crankshaft
b) rusty needle bearings are not unknown
Will know when we get there.
A great subject for a picture series as the motor appears not to have been worked on or worked over.

PS I picked up a Wizard WF4 today that appears relatively complete except for an incorrect prop from some other brand.