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looking for crank start

im looking for a chrystler wizard between 60-69 model crak pull starter.does anyone no were i can get one?

Re: looking for crank start

By crank start, I assume you mean a recoil rope starter. Does it look anything like this:

Are you sure you need a recoil, or could the internal spring just be bad. If you can post pictures, that would help.

Re: looking for crank start

mine is a 69 it doesnt look like that one.mine bolts to the side of the motor next to the right of the carborator.and i dont have nothing because the person that had it before me took it off and lost everything.

Re: looking for crank start

it is a 69 chrystler wizard.

Re: looking for crank start

Ok, so it is this style:

I haven't seen one for a 20HP, but I will keep looking. You can also place a free classified "wanted" ad on looking for a 1969 Chrysler 20HP recoil (word it that way). I bet someone will have one for you.