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1954 w4g supertwin

i have a 1954 wizard supertwin how much is it worth?

Re: 1954 w4g supertwin

This is my stock reply to this question, so some may not apply to your motor.

What is your motor worth? That is a very subjective determination, and is mainly based on condition. If it runs - that's certainly a plus. That it needs a water pump impeller is a given for any motor 50 years old. It also probably needs new seals in the lower unit and may need crankshaft seals as well. These parts and tech labor cost money and take time and skill. So to get the motor in good, dependable shape will cost a hundred or so, if you can do the work yourself. To pack and ship the motor to a buyer is another fifty to a hundred at least, and rising every day.

Now, after saying that, trying to value a motor long distance is sorta like calling a doctor at random and asking him or her if he or she thinks you have cancer. It just can't be done and be fair to seller and buyer. A thing, after all, is worth what the seller will take and the buyer will give. Wish I could be more helpful.

JW in Dixie

Re: 1954 w4g supertwin

Not an easy question to answer except thru negotiation
between buyer and is not like the stock
market where zillions of shares change hands every
day at easily referenced prices. If moror can be
shown to start, idle, pump water and run well at
speet AND if it looks much like it did the day it
left the factory it will attract more interest
than the average old outboard of its brand and model.
The average old outboard is worth a little more than
the junk man is offering because it needs work and
parts...missing, worn or broken parts can mean its
only a parts motor. The demand for old restorable
outboards has a ways to go to catch up with supply
...if you look up original list price of an old
outboard and compare with even ebay prices you will
notice how few of them sell for more in current
dollars...1955 Buick Super my folks purchased for less than $3,000 1955 dollars in like new shape today would probably sell at auction for about the same value in todays inflated money say $30,000 and up ...or maybe a little better if Jay Leno is bidding...
That said, a motor speaks for interested
buyer with cash in hand may decide that he wants to
take it home and may pay a price that less enthused
persons would not...fellow said once that on any
given Saturday any college team can beat any other
college team...some things are unpredictable or at
least are not completely certain.
I have same problem in selling and buying outboard
motors...other than vague guideline it is pretty
much guesswork...and my guesses are no better than yours...nice looking motors sell... others have to be
sold...and that takes some doing. Buying is easier
than selling which explains why collectors run out
of storage space.