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Wizard WG4 cooling problem

I got my Wizard WG4 running, but no water flow. Impeller had all of the fins. I cleaned and reinstalled for testing. I get no water out of tell tale. I blew out wp housing, port behind housing (going up to exhaust cover). I removed exhaust cover and the two ports for water were clear. I removed water tube an it was clear. I blew compressed air into fitting at head, and it bubbled water in my test tank. I also probed (with a plastic wd40 tube) the telltale. No changes after testing. I get pressure out of telltale (coming out of exhaust cover), and also spurts of raw gas? I removed one end of wp tube and ran it to see if I got any flow from pipe. NOTHING. I'm stumped. Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

Re: Wizard WG4 cooling problem

Is it a fresh impeller...if an old one the vanes can
be pretty floppy and maybe not pump all that well
especially at lower rpm. The screwed on cover waterpump design has a flat spot on prop shaft...
there should be something like a needle bearing
needle that bears on the flat and the inside of the
core of the impeller...won't pump without it.
I don't know if the WG4 switched from old style to
new style water pump ,but, if they did this is a
possible cause you will overlook if you are not
aware of what to look for. Slits of water intake
can be closed up with least on those
models with narrow slits.
The water tube fits into a rubber bushing in water
pump which can be missing so water may be pumped
but not go anywhere useful.
Cooling water discharges into exhaust and it comes
out holes in rear of leg as a separate
tell tale. What looks like a tell tale...thin tube
at rear of motor is an outlet for excess oil that
accumulates inside engine...EPA would probably be
happier if tube led to a collection bottle.

Re: Wizard WG4 cooling problem

Well that explains alot. That sure looked like a tell tale. Makes perfect sense. Impeller is at least 20+ years old. My impeller has 2 keyways with a special key. I didn't look for a bushing. Have to do that. Slits are clear. Ran it in clean water. I think impeller is bad.