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What year Wizard 2HP?

I have a Wizard 2HP, think the model # is WBA 6800A?
serial # 60105...does anyone know the year and what it might be worth?


Re: What year Wizard 2HP?

I believe you have a Chrysler-made air-cooled Wizard. The model number indicates it is a 1968. I wouldn't suspect that it is worth that much, but value is a very subjective question and condition is going to be the primary determining factor. If you enjoy outboards, you'll have more fun tinkering with it than you will enjoy the small sum it will fetch.

Chrysler, which bought the outboard division from West Bend in the 60s, made good outboards, and a 2HP model would be ideal for a canoe. Chrysler stuck with many of the successful design characteristics from West Bend, which sold the very popular little green Elgin outboards through Sears in the 1940s through into the early 60s.