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wizard super ten wm-7a

info on replacing water pump

Re: wizard super ten wm-7a

WM7A Wizard has KG7 Mercury lower to
the New York Chapter's on line Parts Manual for KG7
and remember the water pump cover is a left hand
thread...if the cover has not been off in a while
say 40 or so years it can be a toughie...the two
dimples in cover were for engaging pins of a Mercury
Service Tool...but that can be worked around...
you may have to resort to toasting the outside
of the gearcase over the thread, using a hammer
and punch to tap around the circle over the thread
as well as your choice of elixer to soften up
corrosion and gunk...patience and a large jug
of lemonade required...other liquids may be substitued for lemonade but nothing will substitued
for patience.
Do price water pump cover before you turn violent...
Cover is not always a tough job, but, even if it is
keep your cool...after you remove cover (turning
clockwise remember) clean the threads of both cover
and case before reassembly (it goes back on counter
clockwise) You do not need to use a hammer and punch
to drive cover off as a prior mechanic has usually done with these covers...that is a last resort
technique that can do more harm than good.
If you have a drill that will bore out a hole in
a piece of steel larger than prop shaft you can
make a tool for cover or if you have a piece of
steel bar with such a hole in it already...drill
a couple of holes spaced to fit pin holes in cover
then put in a couple of bolts that will fit into
holes in cover...a tool will only remove a cover
that you have prepared by heating, tapping and
treating with solvent...even the "factory" tool
can't do it alone.

Re: wizard super ten wm-7a

Couple of tools to remove covers. First is homemade.
Second is from Harbor Freight. Good luck. JW in Dixie

Re: wizard super ten wm-7a

thanks for the info. i want to try to do this with out making a mess.