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Kiekhaefer KD-3S Cedarburg, WI

HELP! I have a 3 hp motor here. The serial Number is 112376 and the model # is KD-3S. Anyone got any information on it? Value, parts....etc? please?

Re: Kiekhaefer KD-3S Cedarburg, WI

Probably not much in value, but a neat little collectible. Basic maintenance parts are available, but starting with a compression and spark test will let you know what you are dealing with and whether it is work sinking the money into.

For basic parts, take a look here:

Re: Kiekhaefer KD-3S Cedarburg, WI

The Kiekhaefer KD-3S is just a 1946 KD-3 with a recoil starter. It is also the same as a WD3. It was made in 1947 (I think). It has 3.2 HP. Very collectible but not very valuable. The lower units are interchangeable with most early "K" series Mercury 3hp motors. Use lubriplate 105 grease in the foot.
I have a WD3 and can help you with some questions. look around this site and you will find stuff similar to what you have.

Re: Kiekhaefer KD-3S Cedarburg, WI

KD3S is sufficient to identify make & model, serial
number will pin down which year it was made....
The larger question is do you wish to restore it
or establish a value and sell it?
CONDITION will determine how much time and money
needs to be invested to restore any outboard to running or cosmetic condition. An ebay auction
is mostly a beauty contest where where good looks
trump runs great. Post war Kiekhaefer Mercurys and
Wizards were made in the tens of thousands...of which
many survive...sometimes in good condition and
sometimes not.
My own experience is that condition of crank shaft
has to be determined first...bearing journals,seal
surfaces and spline socket do wear and rust. If the
crank shaft is in acceptable condition you have a
starting point around which to rebuild an outboard.
Missing, stuck or broken parts severely reduce value
while perfect original decals,paint,starts
easily and runs well will be valued higher.
Ample supply and limited demand mean that post war outboard motors seldom are worth as much as what they sold for new. Pre war outboards sold in smaller
numbers for smaller pre inflation dollars so good
examples can and do sell for more than their price
new...although still modest sums.
I could be wrong ,but, that is my opinion.