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Tower lengths

Looking for the shortest tower in my junk pile, to be used for a RatMotor, Merc 200 on a KG7 or WG7 foot. I was measuring various towers yesterday;

KG7 is about 19-5/8"
KE7 is about 19" (shortest I could find)
Then I measured a WJ7 and it was about 19-7/8".

Anybody know which is the shortest K or W tower?

Wonder why there are these variations in tower length?

Tnx for your help. JW in Dixie

Re: Tower lengths

Up to the WD/KD series Kiekhaefer made Mercurys and
Wizards were very similar. WF and later Wizard models
were made heavier,detuned and lacked the latest Mercury features. Prevailing opinion is that Kiekhaefer liked the volume of business he was
getting from Western Auto ,but, Mercury dealers
did not like the competition from lower priced
Wizards. Kiekhaefer was able to get Western Auto
to agree to changes. Some of the differences were
due to using older series parts and some were due
to use of parts only used on Wizards. From the WF
series on swapping parts between Mercury and Wizard
generally does not work out...exceptions do exist
OMC probably had same problem with it's dealers
over Gale Division multiple brand outboards.

Re: Tower lengths

The early KE7 were the shortest of the green tanks. The front stud and the drive shaft all need to be used as a set with other power heads and lower units.

Re: Tower lengths

The KE7 tower I have is ser #274949. East Coast Marine lists the KE7 numbers as being 19001 to 391692, so I guess mine falls just short of the middle. The tower measures 19" and is the shortest one I have found so far. Still looking. Thanks for the feedback. JW in Dixie

Re: Tower lengths

I have a merc and a wizzard and it all interchanges , Explain.thanks

Re: Tower lengths

My experience is limited to smaller Mercury/Wizards
I just took a WF4 apart...shares very little with
Mercury and drive shaft is significantly longer
Uses Phelon F 189 Magneto instead of F 514 block
will not interchange with Mercury or earlier Wizards
WD and KD and earlier Mercury Wizards are mostly a
decal apart. KE4 and WF4 are not clones. There are
some parts in common on later models but there are
more than enough parts that are not to keep you
on your toes.
WF4 uses earlier two piece gear case/water pump
I think WG4 went to the later unicast gearcase.
Not the final or best authority on this subject
just my own limited would not be the
first to point out a error or two in my thinking.