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Wa2-125 color

I have a wizard with serial # wa2-125 stamped on the head and has a steel tank. The unit is silver and not gold but does appear to be original paint. Is it possible that it was originally painted that color or is it just a good repaint? Can anyone also tell me were to find photos of an original to see what shroud parts I might be missing?

Re: Wa2-125 color

Yours is a nice find...a first year Kiekhaefer made
Wizard single.The Prewar Kiekhaefer made Sea King,
Wizard and Mercury lines were all dull aluminum. Gold color was a postwar change. Prewar Kiekhaefers had
plane bearings throughout. Easier to work on than
postwar models. The 1940 singles I have
seen have an unmarked poppet valve carburetor...
which is interesting because carburetor references
for Kiekhaefer models do not mention a poppet valve
carbuetor at all.
W stands for Western Auto, A stands for 1940, 2 stands
for first model ie basic with least level of options.
...the value priced model...for those inclined to spend "a few dollars more" a more deluxe model
was available. Sell up strategy has been around
for a spell. 125 is probably the serial number and
a very low one at that. Your WA2 is similar if not
the same as Mercury K1 which you can see pictured
on East Coast Marine site. As for missing items
they are both pretty basic...not much on them to
take off. An easy cosmetic restoration. If in good
mechanical condition it will move a small boat at
modest speed on calm water.

Re: Wa2-125 color

Thank for the info. I am really excited about getting this running. The web sight is awsome and so is the info
It's in good condition except the no spark problem. I really appreciate the info. You made the project enjoyable instead of agravating

Re: Wa2-125 color

No Spark is normal for an outboard long stored...
You can often cure the problem by polishing
the contact points... a no cost solution.
Usual problems are remains of old fuel in tank,
gummed up carburetor,ignition wire needs replacement,
glazed contact points,overall grunge.
It takes some time and patience to address the
problems brought on by use and neglect.First motor
is a learning experience. Expect to have questions
on how to do things unless you have strong background
in older two cycle engines...the ones with carburetors and magnetos.
Coils, decals and impellers are the three items that can cost significant dollars
Cleaning supplies, paint,gasket stock misc. fasteners
and maybe a tap and die to clean up threads and fasteners can nibble on a couple of twenty dollar bills. All in all not much cost for the enjoyment
and there is always the chance someone may take a
liking to your spiffed up running outboard so you
can move on to another.