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Starter Coil

I was out fishing today running my Super Wizard 5 HP Model WH-6a 2g6610. It was the first time after setting for the winter. It stall out a few times after going about 1/4 to 1/2 mile. I would drift and fish and restart each time. On the last stall I found out that the start coil was locked. I was unable to pull it out. I am going to lift the cover and try to fix it. I have never done this type of work. I have the original Operating Instructions and Parts list. Are their any hidden nuggets of knowledge that I should beware of prior to starting this task.

Thanks for any input, Bob

Re: Starter Coil


It is possible the the metal starter rope somehow got pinched in the mechanism, and removing the bottom plate/sheave cover will hopefully show you if that is the problem right away.

The biggest thing to be careful of is the spring. When you undo the screw on the top of the hood, you will then be able to remove the rope sheave. This will more than likely bring the whole spring with it, and if you are not careful, it will come flying out and smack you with a lot of grease. I recommend gloves and safety glasses and a shirt you don't care about. If you are going to take it apart. You might as well clean out all of the old grease and apply fresh when you get the spring coiled back up and in the housing. If the grease hasn't ever been changed, your likely to find it all gummed-up, which could be another source of your problem. If the spring is shot, they are available -- but as long as it isn't busted or kinked, it should be fine.

I just did one of these last week and to completely rebuild it and clean it up, it probably took me about an hour.


Re: Starter Coil

JP thanks for the advice and detail information/

Re: Starter Coil

A friend advised to use vice grips to clamp spring
when removing and installing. A good technique that
makes a tough job easy. If spring is to be stored
outside rewind assembly release the tension slowly
using both hands to control unwinding. Springs seem
to attract grease and dirt so wipe with oily rag
end to end to remove excess. When reinstalling spring
wind it tightly using both hands so coil is smaller than recess,clamp edgewise about 2/3 to 1/2 width
of spring with vice grip then slide spring into
recess making sure loop on end engages pin...when
spring is mostly in recess relese vice grip slowly
and press spring fully into recess.
A face shield may be a wise precaution. If you don't feel comfortable using this technique don't.
I have used this technique several times with
similar rewind assembly used on KD4/KD3 thru
Mark 20 with no surprises.

Re: Starter Coil

My thanks to all for your advice.
I took off the cover, tested the coil, it work. After close review it appear that the coil latch area was not properly lubed. I lube the latch and it retreated complete out of sight and pull out very easy compare to prior pulls. I am now in the process of setting up a water barrel so I can mount the motor and tested it out. If it works properly it was an easier fix then anticipated.

My thanks to JP & Louis